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"Excellence in selection, Excellence in
 execution, with our focus on consistent
 growth through the ownership and
 development of domestic oil and natural

WTI Crude Oil


Patriots Energy Group lnc. is a premier domestic energy development organization, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It is a long standing accepted truth, that America's national security is enhanced greatly through energy independence. In the last 5 to 7 years, in spite of numerous obstacles, the U.S.A. is once again one of the top producers of Oil & Natural Gas in the entire world. We are headed back to those times when the U.S.A. was NOT held hostage by countries or rogue nations that would do us harm.


At one time, the great producing fields within the domestic U.S.A. were all owned or operated by a few, major, wealthy Companies. Over decades, most of these Companies withdrew their U.S. operations to pursue larger, more lucrative fields around the world. Subsequently, numerous small to medium size companies have developed over the years to fill this gap. It is only in our recent history, because of an enormous amount of trial and error along with major advances in technology, that we have really started to blow way past what was our previously thought of "proven reserves" base. Consequently, opportunities that were thought to be past their prime are now being developed and looked at in a whole new light.

A company today that is well structured, innovative, committed and aggressive, can become a significant player in today's energy industry. Patriots Energy Group Inc., with it's background of great business talent, oil and gas industry professionals, each with decades of experience, along with it's vision and commitment are part of this wave; creating jobs, investing in America and providing investment opportunities today, and into the future!

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