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The Executive Management, along with the Board of Directors is made up of individuals who personify the word "service". With a foundation of business, military experience and law enforcement, this management team has utilized it's skill set to manage and direct Fortune 500 companies in various aspects of business, including manufacturing, banking, and finance. The operations personnel, covering new completion technologies, with geologists and field supervision with experience covering decades, literally guarantees the best in project development

Mark W. Wheeler

Patriots Energy Group Inc.

Mark W. Wheeler has over thirty-five years of business experience and four years of military experience after graduation from the United States Naval Academy. He is well-versed in executive management, technical design and development management; bank prepaid/credit/debit card design, development, implementation and operations; financial product development, international finance, international marketing, e-commerce operations, financial products risk management, project management, staff management, strategic planning, systems design and development, hardware and software sales. All of these skills make him a great leader and an excellent source of wisdom and experience in the financial industry.

Mr. Wheeler will also use the services of professional petroleum consultants, engineers and geologists as required for the prospect and lease acquisition, prospect evaluations, geological analysis, project engineering, drilling and completion and equipment design for the production techniques related to this program. With his experience and the utilization of services of consulting specialists, Mr. Wheeler will provide the program with greater opportunities to effectively perform in its business of exploration and production of oil and gas.

Karl Gashler
Is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, with distinction. Mr. Gashler was the top graduate of the USAF F-16 Fighter Pilot School and Luke Air Force Base F-16 Overal Top Gun of the Year 2003. Mr. Gashler is a combat decorated fighter pilot with 99 combat missions in the Middle East. In addition, Mr. Gashler oversaw a $200 Million Dollar sensitive Department of Defense foreign military assistance program. Mr. Gashler is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and achieved a Perfect Score on the Defense Language Proficiency Test. After leaving the Air Force Mr. Gashler has successfully developed commercial real estate.

David Acosta
Was the Point Man for the North Las Vegas Police SWAT Team for 6 years. Served as a specialist in linguistics and as a tactile liaison between the FBI and the North Las Vegas SWAT Team. As Team Leader, provided personal protection, in Afghanistan, for United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Paul Brinkley and his staff. Mr. Acosta, has owned and operated his own business, Key Group Security Professionals. Most recently, Mr. Acosta is the founder of Critical Incident Management Solutions.

Project Oversight
Mr. Louis Judd

Owner / operator of B & J Oil Company, with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Judd, previously has served on the Board of Directors of the State of Kentucky Oil & Gas Association. He has also participated in the industry as an investor and thereby acquired perspective from an investors vantage point. Mr. Judd is a United States Army Veteran, who has a strong work ethic. He brings to this project a vast supply of knowledge and experience in all facets of the oil and gas industry.

Consulting Petroleum Geologist
Mr. James C. Johnson

Has earned degrees in Geology from the University of Kentucky and the University of Oklahoma, along with a degree in Hydro-Geology from the University of Minnesota. With a background in subsurface geology and petroleum exploration / development; Mr. Johnson provides diverse experience in the oil and gas industry to this project. He has 7 years of mid-continent exploration and development experience along with 5 years specifically in the Illinois and Appalachian Basins.

Consulting Engineer
C. G. Collins

Mr. C. G. Collins has been Vice President of Engineering & Development of Kentucky USA Energy, Inc. since May 2008. Mr. Collins experience ranges from equipment operator in 1960 to manager-in-charge with Dowell, a division of Dow Chemical. He serves as President of both the Tennessee Oil and Gas Association and the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association. He served as in charge of completion and re-completion of oil and gas wells from 1965 to 1969. He served as manager-in-charge for the eastern half of Michigan for Dowell. Mr. Collins serves as Director of Kentucky USA Energy, Inc. He has been named Oil Man of the Year - Tennessee; and affiliated with the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Campbellsville University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas.


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