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While PEGI casts a wide net in evaluating prospects, the goal is to take a STRONG position, in an up and coming area. Targeted area's of interest allow for laser focus as opposed to random, scattered development. Again, new technology in drilling and completion techniques has opened fields once thought to be past their prime. The same template that brought us the Whilliston basin, North Dakota, the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas, is the one we use for our project selection. Our current primary area of interest is the Illinois Basin, the New Albany Shale play. Patriots Energy Group Inc., has contracted with the company that holds the largest lease-holdings in North Western Kentucky. These Breckinridge & Meade County locations are scheduled for drilling and development starting in June of 2014

The focus of the next "BIG PLAY" is in progress right now. The target: the "Illinois Basin's, New Albany Shale". The commercial "hit" or success rate is over 90%!  This "basin" which spreads thorough Indiana, Illinois, and Western Kentucky, carries with it the D.N.A. of the previous "hot spots" in the continental United States; those being the Williston Basin, (Bakken Shale of North Dakota) and the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas. These areas, along with a couple others, have a HUGE proven daily production and MASSIVE in place reserves.

The "shale" is a blanket play which varies in thickness from 80 to 230 feet!

In addition to the "target formation" (New Albany Shale) there are known producers in


the area from formations both ABOVE and BELOW, providing us with multiple pay-zones. The Stones River, the Sunny Brook,the Murfreesboro, and the Knox are ALL producing formations in the greater Tennessee and Kentucky region. Chances of a "dry-hole" are slim indeed. From all the information gathered thus far, the hit rate in Breckinridge and Meade counties is over 90%! 

Companies have been quietly gathering acreage and been active in this market for the  
  last 15 months. While most ALL drilled wells thus far are being reported as "tight holes" (no production information required for the first twelve months) there have been "0" dry holes. Through investigative research the current wells range from 10 m.c.f. (Gas) per day and 7 Bbls. (Oil) Per day to 50 m.c.f and 300 Bbls. Per day.
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The Reserve Acquisition & Completion Project

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